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Jennings County Pallets, Inc. is a full-service supplier offering many products and programs customized to fit your needs.  We have a constant inventory of common-sized pallets.  We can also build any and all specialty pallets that our customers may need. 

Some of the products that JCP offers are:

  • recycled pallets (used pallets that have been repaired)
  • remanufactured pallets (pallets built new using reclaimed lumber)
  • new pallets
  • pre-cut lumber
  • crates
  • sticks/posts

Jennings County Pallets, Inc. has two automated pallet assembly machines that ensure accurate, consistent construction of common-sized pallets.  We also have six hand-building stations with skilled employees who are able to build pallets to any specification required by our customers.  

Jennings County Pallets, Inc. is a certified heat treating facility, adhering to all the guidelines required to maintain an ISPM-15 rating, allowing us to certify (and mark accordingly) any wooden product intended for international shipment. 

Jennings County Pallets, Inc. also offers a scrap removal program.  If your company brings in product or materials on skids and you need to dispose of them safely and efficiently, JCP will place an empty trailer on your premises and as your trailer fills with scrap material, we will come switch it out with another empty trailer.

Jennings County Pallets, Inc. maintains its own fleet of trucks and trailers.  Not only does this allow us to more closely monitor and control our shipping costs, and pass those savings on to you, it also provides our customers with the confidence that our products are delivered in a timely, efficient manner by drivers who are respectful and courteous at all times.

Jennings County Pallets, Inc. is committed to our customers’ needs, both now and in the future.  We anticipate continual change and advancement in our industry and look forward to supplying you with the most innovative means to meet your shipping demands.



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