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Rolla and Linda Millspaugh, owners of Jennings County Pallets, Inc., have been in the lumber business for over 25 years.  Rolla started his career as a semi tractor owner/operator, hauling parts for IBM, Xerox, and 3M in California.  He held numerous service contracts for multiple customers.  At the time, labor was cheap and pallets were only used to move large, heavy loads.  Rolla began to notice that as labor costs increased over a span of several years, pallet use increased in the movement of materials. 

With this noticed increase in demand, Rolla and his wife, Linda, decided to purchase their first sawmill in 1984 and began to cut pallet lumber.  Millspaugh Lumber was started in a detached garage behind their family’s home.  Soon after that, they seized an opportunity to purchase a larger mill; but their lumber orders were inconsistent.  So in 1985, they began manufacturing wooden pallets with the lumber they were cutting.  Rolla and Linda incorporated their business and Jennings County Pallets, Inc. was born.  By 1986, business was good and they decided to move their pallet manufacturing division to a 20,000 square foot building in North Vernon, IN.  Then, in 1994 they purchased another existing pallet company and consolidated Jennings County Pallets, Inc. at its current location in Butlerville, IN where it has continued to expand and business continues to grow.


Steve Millspaugh, Rolla’s son, began working in the pallet production line as a high school student to earn extra money.  After high school graduation, he began to learn the “ins and outs” of the sawmill.  By 1999 he was the head sawyer for Jennings County Pallets, Inc.  During his college years, he focused on the transportation aspect of the family business by acquiring his class A CDL and managing a trucking service contract for JCP.  When that contract ended, he dove into management and now, as the Vice President, oversees the sales department and the daily operations of our company.  


Lindsey Millspaugh, Steve’s wife, joined Linda in the office in August 2005.  Gradually taking on more responsibility, she now handles all of the day to day administrative operations for Jennings County Pallets, Inc., including human resources, accounts payable/receivable, sales/orders, and customer service.  



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